Let The Kitchen Overhaul Begin!

So about this kitchen…where do I start?! Demo can be scary but so liberating at the same time.  The thought of ripping your somewhat functional kitchen down to it’s bare bones is a little daunting but let’s face it, you have to start somewhere. Not every kitchen needs to be stripped down to the studs but this home being the age it is was missing some crucial things like insulation, plus I really needed to have the electrical brought up to code. Most of us need more then 2 electric outlets in our kitchens and preferable ones that don’t throw sparks at you when you try to use the microwave. Bring on the demo!

Kitchen Demo
Kitchen Demo

Now remember, being open to change is a must with home improvement. Your best laid plans may go to hell and a hand-basket in a blink of an eye. For example: when I started to demo I realized the original floor plan I had designed wasn’t going to work. The refrigerator was almost out in the middle of the kitchen floor…son of a (insert choice word here). So what is a girl to do? Time to think outside the box and get creative!! The photo on the right hand side has a closet that I had thought about keeping but soon realized by removing it I could utilize that entire wall for a built-in pantry and appliance garage with microwave storage…WINNING!!!. Hindsight I should have paid someone to draw up a functional floor plan for me, it would have been money well spent. Oh well, lessoned learned. Bye-bye closet…hello functional floor plan.

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