How to Get That Factory Paint Finish.

First and foremost I’m a huge Sherwin Williams fan. Not just because their paint is amazing but also they have huge sales where you can save 40%!! Can we say winning!!! I recently finished my staircase project (which you will see later) and I used Sherwin Williams Pro Classic semi-gloss Enamel on the balusters and it finished like it was professionally sprayed. I was absolutely floored. Here are the steps I took to make inexpensive wood look like a million bucks!



Let’s Talk Shopping. Here is what you need.

80 Grit Sand Paper

120 Grit Sand Paper

220 Grit Sand Paper

Tack Cloth


Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Enamel in Semi-Gloss

I started by using a palm sander with the 80 grit sandpaper to knock down all the rough edges, then moved to the 120 to smooth the wood out. (If you are unsure what grit sandpaper does what check out this informational post.) You may need to use a little wood putty in fill in some of the wood knots. After the putty is dry (roughly 30 minutes) do a little sanding again with the palm sander using the 220 grit sandpaper.

After your wood is sanded down make sure you wipe down the surfaces with a wash cloth and warm water followed by a tack cloth.

Once the wood is dry you can apply the first coat of primer. Allow to dry for 1 hour. After primer is dry light sand the surface with the 220 grit sand paper and wipe down with tack cloth. Apply first coat of Pro Classic Enamel. Allow to dry for at least an hour. Lightly sand with 220 grit sand paper for the last time and apply our final coat of paint.



I know it seems like a hassle but the end result is amazing and just think about the money you will save. Happy painting!!


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