Give Me Gray!

Back on my gray kick again! Time to start transforming the living room before the new sectional arrives. This transformation will include stripping down the faux stone finish on the original window trim, re-staining the hard wood floors and changing the wall color from a dark tan to a soft gray…my favorite of course.

We started with the faux stone finish on the original stone work…talk about a process. We tried paint stripper, which worked but created a huge mess.

faux stone texture the vibrant pad

historical wood window trim the vibrant pad

Now, the color that was on the walls wasn’t a horrible color but being so dark it made the room feel smaller and it wasn’t really the look I was going for.  As we all know picking out the right gray color can be a little challenging but after a few weeks I finally had chosen “the one”…Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. I absolutely love it. It is light and airy and makes the room feel so different.


living room at the vibrant pad


owl gray benjamin moore the vibrant pad

oewl gray benjamin moore the vibrant pad

Now that we have the walls done I guess I should move on to the trim and floors.  Stay tuned for more updates to come this week. I have a few long nights ahead of me 🙂

Choosing The Cabinet Paint Color

The kitchen planning is still underway…and will be for the next month or so.  Now that I have the style of cabinet selected here comes the hard part, selecting the right color for the upper and lower kitchen cabinets.  I have been in love with the soft grays, mixed with brilliant whites but picking the right color of gray can be some what of a challenge and with dark counter tops I’m not sure if gray is going to be the best bet. I might need to consider lighter counter tops. That being said here are the gray colors I’m considering.

top gray paint colors choices the vibrant pad

kitchen cabinets in stone harbor hray the vibrant pad

I do love this look so it may be time to kiss the dark countertops goodbye…back to the drawing board I go. Some many choices and so little time.

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