Refinishing Old Windows

Wow, this project is taking forever! What should have been maybe a day or two project has turned into 2 weeks. The stone texture that was sprayed on the original trim around the windows has been a serious pain in the butt to remove…talk about a process.

faux stone texture on window trim the vibrant pad

scrapping old windows the vibrant pad

First, I tried to use paint stripper, huge mistake! There was so many layers of paint that stripping the trim caused ¬†major unevenness on the painted surface and required a bunch of sanding. Lesson learned. Next time I will just sand down the finish, primer then paint…much easier. So after stripping and sanding for hours on end here is what I came up with…


restoring old windows the vibrant pad

restoring historical windows at the vibrant pad

I still have some work to do on the sides but it’s night and day difference from what we started off with. ¬†1 window down, 2 more to go. Got to get these windows done so I can move on to staining the floors.

refinishing window trim the vibrant pad

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